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The Comedy Cabaret 25 Anniversary show.  ​​​​​​
 I got to work with my childhood comedy idol Bob Nelson
Couldn't ask for a greater bunch of comedy pals.   Dan Kulp, Rik Roberts, Gordon Douglas, and Me​​
Me with the hilarious and adorable SNL Alum Victoria Jackson​​
Me with the Queen of Clean
Chonda Pierce
She looks kinda ascared of the Philly guy.
On stage with audience member Ezra for The Lie Detector Routine
Me with Comedy ​​
Deacon Derrick Watson
Best Selfie Buddy Ever!!! 
More than a mentor,
My comedy Father, 
Gordon Douglas
That time John Branyan let me buy him lunch.
On the set of the Good Morning Amercia
Bachelor Parody Video 
My honor and priveledge to  speak at the Christain Comedy Association Conference
Me with the worlds best comedy half quartert
Dave and Brian
On the road with Ross Bennett and Rhonda Corey